An Opportunity in Fashion

At Bunnysbury we offer women an opportunity to own their fashion business with limitless potential; these women are known as Bunnysbury Consultants

Bunnysbury Consultant?

Bunnysbury Consultants are entrepreneurs with sense of style and purpose. They are motivated, great networkers who have a pool of contacts (friends, family and associates) in their community that affords them the opportunity and time to build their business and socialize while making money.

The Bunnysbury Consultant is fashion savvy, love dressing well and enjoys helping other women look their very best. They are energized by the satisfaction that comes with running a successful business and the significant financial rewards it can bring.

The Bunnysbury Consultant is independent and empowered by having her own by appointment boutique and presenting exclusive clothing line to her customers. She has flexible hours, sets her time which allows her to cater for her family/other commitments and grow her fashion business at her own pace.

Being a Bunnysbury Consultant is challenging, exciting and profitable, a Consultant’s earnings are dependent on her efforts and commitment to building her business.

The Role:

The Consultant is the public face of the Bunnysbury brand. She is part of a team and company dedicated to her growth, with personally administered training and mentoring that assures success.

The Consultant presents and sells our clothing to customers while offering a unique one on one wardrobe building and style advice. Each Consultant develops new clients through her social networks, and invites them to private showcase of our collections.

The Process:

When a Bunnysbury Consultant joins our business, we offer them extensive training, tips and support to ensure that the potential of their fashion business is attained and exceeded at all times.

The training encompasses knowing the collection, marketing, selling, administration and staging events which are skills that will serve their business well.

Bunnysbury also let Consultant’s understand the business and give them the necessary tools needed to win over potential clients and turn them into happy and loyal customers.

We continue to develop fresh fashion that will excite customers. We arrange regular meetings with other experienced Consultants to foster camaraderie and information sharing of successful practices.

As the driving force of Bunnysbury, feedback from Consultant’s is constantly been used to better serve our Consultants so they enjoy a pleasant and hitch free experience as they strive to grow their business.

Bunnysbury is always on the look out for people that are fashion savvy have a head for business and want to empower themselves through the ownership of their own business. For more information…